Embrace the Sweetness

heartThis weekend we get to celebrate everyone's favorite holiday: Valentine's Day! (sarcasm)  We know V-Day has a reputation for being a lame, unnecessary holiday.  But for most people in committed relationships, V-Day cannot be overlooked.

This year, we've decided to stop bitching about how stupid Valentine's Day is and start focusing on the positive aspects of the holiday.  I'm using V-Day 2010 as an opportunity to acknowledge some of the awesome things Joe does for me throughout the year (and I say "some" of the awesome things because there isn't enough space on this website to list all of them).  As I've mentioned before, I'm fortunate to have the world's greatest husband (and I'm not just writing that because he reads this blog.  But I will acknowledge that doing so provides me with ammunition in disagreements.  "How could you say that, Joe?!  Look at all those super nice things I write about you on HCG!").

To begin, Joe rarely fails to open the car door for me.  I don't always expect him to do so in routine situations, so when he surprises me in the parking lot of Target, I usually scream "DATE NIGHT!" (even if it's a Saturday at 11:00 a.m.).  When I return home from work, he meets me halfway down the steps of our walk up to carry my bags.  He always gives me the better cookie/slice of pizza/french fry or last sip of our shared soda at the movies.  Never once have I put gas in my scooter.  When I took the bar exam, he quizzed me with flash cards, helped me pack my lunch each night before and carried my laptop and snacks to the testing room.  Every Black Friday, he acts as driver for Team HCG during our outlet shopping extravaganza.  If we're shopping together and he can tell I'm having an off day, he'll sneak off and get me a fountain DC and mini Mrs. Field's cookies to lift my spirits.

I've realized I was raised to expect this sort of treatment.  My dad has, for as long as I can remember, started my mom's car before work every.single.morning - and they have a detached garage.  He really never complains about it either (to avoid a phone call from my dad lamenting me for not mentioning all the other things he does for my mom, I'll note that he is very kind.  Mom, I know you do tons of nice things for Dad, too).

In honor of V-Day 2010, HCG encourages everyone to thank your significant other for the little things he or she does that make you feel special.  We found that doing so really warmed our hearts :)