Go Go Gladiators

louboutinsDespite the unavoidable mounds of snow covering the better part of the East coast, HCG is dreaming of spring - and so are our readers.  An anonymous reader from Delaware County, PA wrote with the following inquiry:

Dear HCG, I know I'm crazy, but I'm already obsessed with spring clothes and shoes.  I'd like to pick up a few pair of gladiators but don't want to drop the cash if they're on their way out the door.  Are gladiators still cool in 2010? - Curious in the County

Dear Curious,

Yes, you're crazy, but we love you.  We pride ourselves on shopping for each season early and often, and we're pleased when the sun starts shining and we have a closet full of new dresses and sandals.

Have no fear - gladiators are still all the rage in 2010, and HCG couldn't be more happy.  Gladiators (or any fun sandal, for that matter) are a welcome footwear variation for ladies who like to look cute but who don't want to sacrifice comfort for style.  Our advice: always be on the lookout for cool gladiators, and make sure to try them on.  I spent the better part of last summer on an endless hunt for the perfect gladiators, and I wish I would've started my search sooner.

If you're new to the gladiator scene, start with something tame.  We've found that styles that are low around the ankle (where the strap along the side of the sandal either goes below or across the ankle bone) are the most flattering, but sometimes we get sucked in and buy trendier versions too.  A word to the wise: even if something is cool, don't buy it if it doesn't work on you.  We don't have model-thin legs and have painfully walked away from many a trendy gladiator that didn't do us any favors.  If you struggle to find something that works, keep checking your local DSW and you're bound to discover something you like at a reasonable price point.

Stay sassy in the County.

xo, HCG

Christian Louboutin Nuria gladiator sandals, $445 at Net-a-Porter

Other favorites: Ecote Branch Sandal, $28.00 at Urban Outfitters Harvey Plaited Strap Sandals, $35.00 at Topshop Miss Sixty Lucille Sandal, $139.95 at Endless Balenciaga Studded Gladiator Sandal, $995.00 at Barneys Stella McCartney Braided Sandal, $325.00 at Barneys