Training Day

broadstHeads up, Philadelphia runners!  If you're planning on doing the 2010 Broad Street Run, it's time to get moving - today is the first day of a 10-week training program. The Broad Street Run is a legendary 10-mile race straight through the middle of Philadelphia and has been held on the first Sunday in May since 1980. Because the course is almost entirely flat with only two turns, it's known as one of the fastest (and largest) 10-mile races in the country.  The race starts at Central High School in North Philadelphia and ends inside the Naval Yard in South Philadelphia.  In 2009, over 23,000 runners finished the race.

My friend Jen (a.k.a. Ski) and I ran our first Broad Street Run together last year, and we almost won it but this Kenyan chick busted through the finish line before us and took the crown.  To make up for that, we're intensifying our training this year.  We rely on the training programs created by my boy Hal Higdon (for any new runners, the HH programs are clutch).  Last year we didn't feel like trying that hard, so we followed the novice program, but this year we're doing the intermediate program.  A word to the wise: don't skip days if you're following one of these programs.  That turns into skipping weeks, and the next thing you know you're about ready to die during the last two miles of the race (not that I'm speaking from experience).

The Broad Street Run will take place on Sunday, May 2, 2010.  Click here to learn more about the race and register online.  Watch out - this is the first year the race is being capped at 30,000 runners.  Let's hope Ski gets her ass in gear and registers ASAP!