Seeking: The Perfect Pair of Black Flats

blochLike every other woman in the universe, I am on an endless quest for the perfect pair of black flats.  I search constantly online, keep my eyes peeled whenever I'm shopping and grill friends when they sport great looking black flats.

Has my search ended?  Perhaps.

Before I instituted my Lenten sacrifice, I picked up these patent ballerina flats by Bloch.  At $150, the shoes were a bit of a splurge (not in my ideal definition of splurge); my shoe price ranges are very extreme - I usually buy shoes that cost less than $100 or more than $500.  In my book, I either want to get a deal or get something of extremely high quality.

Would I have preferred to just drop $500 on these Lanvin flats?  Definitely.  I own one pair of Lanvin flats (scooped up on major sale at Fred Segal in Santa Monica - holla from the West coast, Jackie Lawson!) and they really are amazing.  Plus, celebrities love Lanvin flats and, like most HCG readers, I love things that celebrities love.  My hesitation is this: I wear black flats mostly at work, and I don't think work is really worth Lanvin.  That attitude may change eventually.

So far, I have no complaints about the Bloch flats.  They're incredibly comfortable and didn't require the usual breaking in that most flats do.  The patent is super soft, and the inside of the shoe feels like a luxurious slipper.  If you purchase a pair, don't be surprised by the  huge photo of a ballerina on the inside of the box; Bloch was originally launched in 1932 as a dance footwear company specializing in handmade ballet pointe shoes (MR loved the box so much she nearly passed out in my office).

Despite the initial success I've experienced with these flats, the jury is still out.  I haven't worn them outside very much, and I'm concerned about the patent leather.  MR's patent black Tod's flats (picked up during WCYK09) haven't held up as well as she would've liked, but there is hope.  According to my preferred shoe repair place, Rossi Shoe Service in Ardmore, PA, the nicer the patent, the better it can be repaired (when I called to inquire, they asked, "We're not talking Nine West patent here, are we?").  Rossi's assured me that, although well worn patent flats won't look brand new once repaired, they will look a hell of a lot better than when they walked in.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these babies work out.  Bloomingdale's has a gorgeous gold metallic version that would look great on me once Jesus has risen from the dead.

Bloch patent ballerina flats, $150 at Net-a-Porter