Always Perfect

alwaysskinnyEver since designer jeans hit their stride nearly 10 years ago, I haven't paid much attention to non-designer denim.  Once you've worn expensive jeans, it's hard to revert to a less costly version because cheaper jeans usually means cheaper quality. Until Gap's 1969 denim collection.

Back in the stifling late August heat, I dragged MR up to Gap when the 1969 jeans were released.  Six months later, we don't know where where our weekend wardrobes would be without them.  I bought the Always Skinny version (pictured above), and they've become my #1 skinnies.  The fit is flawless, and the denim isn't too thin or too thick.  Unlike other skinnies, the Always Skinny doesn't require constant readjusting, and the rise isn't so low that I feel uncomfortable.  Simply put, these skinny jeans just feel good when you're wearing them.  Plus, because they have a slightly wider leg opening than most skinny jeans, they're perfect for cuffing.  Did I mention they do great things for your butt?  The list goes on.

MR isn't a fan of skinnies, so she walked away with the Perfect Boot, pictured below.

bootAttention shorties: MR is 5'2" and picked up these in the ankle length version.  Unbelievably, she didn't need to get the jeans hemmed, and she wears them with FLATS.  Insane.

We know most people haven't worn Gap jeans since 1995, but they're really worth a shot.  The brand seems poised for a comeback; ever since designer Patrick Robinson took over as creative director, Gap is becoming cool again.

The best part about the 1969 jeans?  They cost about $100 less than designer jeans.  Don't say HCG never got you a deal.

Always skinny jeans (saturated dark wash), $69.50 at Gap Perfect boot jeans (dark wash), $69.50 at Gap