Minks in March

minkmuffsAdmission: I'm a little late to the party with my love for this polish.  I'm also a little late to the whole Twilight saga, which I just started reading a month ago after a few years of resistance. I've admired Essie's Mink Muffs polish on friends and strangers countless times and finally got around to getting a manicure with it this weekend.  Essie calls it a "smoky plush taupe" but I lean more toward calling it a dark gray/brown (sorry, Essie, but we prefer more pedestrian descriptions at HCG).  That color doesn't sound very enticing, but it looks great on (even with my pale skin tone).  At first glance, it even looks a little like a mauve purple.  Don't be swayed by the color above; the polish is definitely darker than it looks in the bottle.

We're getting pretty sick of winter, and Mink Muffs is a delightful change from the usual dark polish we usually sport this time of year.  And, as is true with all of our favorite nail polish colors, we love the name.

Mink Muffs, $8.00 at Essie