Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

gaultier Target isn't messing around with its designer collaborations lately.  Most recently, we had Rodarte.  Now we get Jean Paul Gaultier!  The legendary French designer is known for his critically acclaimed designs that have a reputation of being edgy and, often times, controversial (he designed Madonna's infamous cone-shaped bra for her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour.  It's funny to note how tame a cone-shaped bra is in 2010.  Lady Gaga probably sleeps in one).

Whether JPG's collection for Target will appeal to the masses across America remains to be determined.  The three looks pictured above are fairly commercial, but some of the others aren't as reliable (you can check out the entire lookbook at FabSugar).  Team HCG thinks the sweet tan leather jacket above ($199) is reason enough to survey the stuff this weekend while you're buying razor blades and light bulbs.

The JPG for Target collection launches this Sunday, March 7, but you know the drill - the stuff will be put out earlier than advertised, so be sure to keep an eye on your local Target if you want to get first crack.  Also, note that not every Target will stock these items; for the first time, Target is listing which stores will carry this collaboration.  For a list of PA stores, click here.

Happy hunting!