Ditch your Denim, Get a Deal

GapIn case you were thinking about picking up a pair of the Gap 1969 jeans we wrote about last week, now you have an added incentive: starting tomorrow, bring in an old pair of jeans to Gap and receive 30% off a new pair from the store.  The discount increases to 35% off if you use your Gap card.  That's $45 for a new pair of amazing jeans! Sounds random, right?  That's what we thought.  Don't worry, HCG has investigated the details for you (via phone calls to our local Gap store and the corporate Gap offices).  Here's the deal:

1. All Brands Accepted.  The donated jeans do not have to be Gap jeans; they can be any brand. 2. Gender Neutral.  You can exchange any type of jeans (men's or women's) for any new pair.  If you recently cleaned out your closet and don't have any jeans you want to send packing, ask your man or your dad for a pair of his (I know my dad has some jeans that need to hit the curb). 3. One for One.  Looking to buy multiple pairs of jeans?  At this price, you should.  You must exchange one pair of old jeans for each pair of new jeans in order to receive the discount. 4. No Sale Jeans.  The offer applies to only full-price denim, so don't try to haggle at the counter over a pair from the clearance rack. 5. In Stores Only.  For obvious reasons, the offer is not valid online - only in Gap stores (not outlets). 6. Limited Time.  The promotion begins tomorrow, Friday, March 5, and runs through Sunday, March 14.

So what will Gap do with all these old jeans?  Answer: The old denim will be used to make insulation for homes.  Gap, as part of the Cotton from Blue to Green Project, gives the jeans to a company called Bonded Logic which manufactures the denim into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Batt Insulation.  The UltraTouch insulation is made up of over 85% denim and contains no chemical irritants (including formaldehyde) (read more about UltraTouch here).  Genius!

According to Gap, 500 pairs of jeans can be recycled into enough insulation for one home.  Imagine driving by a house and knowing your old jeans are keeping those people warm.  Makes you feel pretty special, doesn't it?

We commend Gap for creating a super clever marketing strategy and making a commitment to preserving the environment.  Skinny jeans + saving the planet?  Could this GET any trendier?