Bridesmaid Bliss

IMG_3849 When it comes to weddings, I like to think I've seen pretty much everything.  I've been a bride once, a bridesmaid four times and have attended countless weddings with a hawk's eye for details (especially when I was planning my own big day).  There are few episodes of "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" that I haven't seen, and I've shamefully wasted time on a few showings of "Four Weddings" (this horrible show on TLC where four brides criticize attend each other's weddings and score the events based on different categories - it's really bad).  Rarely does something wedding related throw me for a loop.  This one did.

My friend Dana (a.k.a. DQG) is awesome, and she recently became engaged to my good friend Steve (also awesome). Last weekend, Dana gave me a little box tied in a satin ribbon.  DQG is known to make random thoughtful gestures, so the act wasn't out of character for her - but this felt different.  The box  looked enticing.


Inside the box laid an envelope tied with a pink satin ribbon nestled in a bed of straw-like grass with little flower cutouts scattered throughout.  My curiosity peaked; what the hell could this be?

IMG_3859I slid the ribbon off and pulled out the contents of the envelope: a handmade card (accompanied by a heartfelt note, of course) with the wonderful question "Will you be my bridesmaid?" written at the top.  Ahhhhh!!  Cue the very girly, high-pitched squealing, hugging and eyes filled with water (clearly, I said yes).

IMG_3804This was already the most thoughtful bridesmaid request I'd ever received (no offense to the other brides I've served; all I did was ask my bridesmaids in person, sometimes over a Diet Coke).  But DQG didn't stop the party train at the cute box and the card - the envelope also contained something impossibly creative and incredibly cute: personalized paper dolls of each bridesmaid!


Amazing, right?  DQG took the time to painstakingly cut out each little paper doll, create their dresses, label them with each girl's name and string them together with pink satin ribbon.  And the colors of the ribbons on the box and dolls?  Those are DQG's wedding colors.

IMG_3839Each girl's set started with her as the first doll (that's why mine is the first doll in the set pictured here).  And here's the best part: each bridesmaid's paper doll has a hairstyle and color that exactly matches the girl's current look. Dara's and Trang's dolls below:

IMG_3832IMG_3834If you haven't met Dara or Trang before, now you know what they look like :)

The doll Dana created for Christina (a.k.a. Beana) is my favorite; Christina rarely leaves the house without an impressive hair accessory, and her doll didn't dare leave this box-o-fun without one, either:

IMG_3830Clearly, DQG has a knack for this sort of thing, and her wedding will definitely impress.  I'm so excited to be a part of it!

P.S. In case you didn't know, my full first name is Regina.  Looks like the cat's out of the bag on that one.  MEOW!