H&M: The Garden Collection

hmgardenJust in time for spring, H&M has unleashed yet another reason to get us in stores and spend some cash mo-nay.  Tomorrow, Thursday, March 25, H&M launches its new Garden Collection and it looks pretty awesome. The Garden Collection looks a lot like it sounds: soft romantic designs with a taste of vintage hippie chic.  It includes a variety of styles - skirts, tops, dresses, jackets - in neutrals, solid colors and floral prints.  A quick scan through the looks was enough to make us daydream about it for the rest of the afternoon.  In addition to the red rosette strapless dress pictured above, we've got our eye on a floral sleeveless fluttery dress and a rainbow colored kimono.

A note on the red rosette dress: certain women might see a strapless red dress with a skirt made entirely of rosettes and think, "That's cute, but where would I wear it?"  IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE THAT KIND OF THINKING.  Here Comes Gina feels very strongly that women should not think too much about where they will wear certain items before purchasing them.  Doing so only prohibits creative dressing.  If you love something, it fits and it makes you feel fabulous, buy it.  You'll figure out somewhere to wear it, and I'll bet it will help you be more awesome.

H&M has gone a step further with this newest line - because all of the GC garments are made using organic and recycled materials, shopping the Garden Collection is truly guilt free.  As expected, the prices are in line with H&M's usual offerings; the Garden Collection pieces range from $7.95 and $59.95.  Woot, woot!

Check the H&M site for photos and prices of the entire collection.  Don't be surprised when you see the straw hat modeled on this very site by yours truly.