Let's Have Some Fun this Beat is Sick

heartbeatsMy sister-in-law Julie (a.k.a. Hoolie) gets all the credit for this one. A few weeks ago, Hoolie mentioned that she was lusting after the Lady Gaga Heartbeats headphones, and I was shamefully unaware of this Gaga endeavor (I don't pretend to be very interested in trendy technology, but when technology involves Lady Gaga, my ears perk up).  Hoolie explained that Lady Gaga recently collaborated with Beats by Dr. Dre to design her own version of Dre's high tech headphones.

Joe and I were insanely overdue on a gift to Hoolie, so we ordered her a set of the red chrome Gaga headphones, and she freaked.  Hoolie's enthusiasm prompted me to gift a pair to Trang, too, who also loved them.  My Amazon order of Trang's headphones was delayed, and I was forced to buy her gift at Best Buy in time for her birthday.  When the pair intended for Trang arrived at my doorstep, I debated sending them back but decided against it.  No one likes feeling left out of the fun.

The Gaga Heartbeats aren't just any ordinary headphones.  The product description promises that these little monsters have "the power to move you to tears—or the dance floor" and allow you to hear details in music that you've never heard before.  HCG doesn't like crying, but we do love dancing.  Plus, anything with such an intensely worded narrative on the box is worth a chance.  Fortunately, the product lived up to the dramatic description.  The headphones take a little adjusting to fit comfortably in your ears, but once they are, the sound is crisp and clear and you feel as though you're in the studio right next to Gaga helping her readjust her hair telephone.

I'd only love them more if the box included tickets to Gaga's upcoming Philly shows.

Monster by Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones, $99.95 at Amazon or Best Buy