Summer Staple

lmIt goes without saying that tinted moisturizer is one of the most brilliant beauty inventions ever created.  Summer makeup is a pain in the ass, and we love anything that reduces our pre-event prep time.  HCG's preferred tinted moisturizer is by Laura Mercier, and it's amazing.

The LM TM (you've got that, right?) is a sheer tinted moisturizer but still provides enough coverage to replace the need for foundation in the summer. It has a tiny bit of glow and, when combined with a great bronzer and shiny lip gloss, is essential for a flawless summer beauty look.  Plus, with an SPF of 20, there's no need to use a base sunscreen (we know many people use a moisturizer that includes SPF, but HCG doesn't so we enjoy this facet of the LM TM).   We're not the only ones who love this product; the LM TM wins all kinds of beauty awards from magazines including InStyle and Allure and constantly sells out at retailers.

At $42, the LM TM isn't cheap, but it does last quite a while.  One bottle usually gets me through almost an entire summer.  There aren't a million shades of the LM TM, but I've found that "fawn" works best on me.  Obviously, it's best to wait until you get some sun before testing out the colors to decide which is right for you.  My friend C once made the mistake of purchasing a shade intended for someone with a skin tone about 10 shades darker than her own.  She was pretty pissed.  But if you pick up a certain shade early in the summer and find that it isn't keeping up with your summer tan, don't fret - during the summer, there's nothing that a little bronzer can't fix (except if you're C - even the best bronzer couldn't turn her into someone who could wear "mocha").

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, $42 at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Blue Mercury