Zac Posen for Target (in Motion)

I swear Target isn't paying me to constantly write about its designer collaborations (but I wish it was).

In what seems like Target's 27th designer collaboration of 2010, the mega-retailer has teamed up with Zac Posen for a collection that includes swimwear, a red leather jacket (hmm) and Target's first ever gown.  The pairing is an interesting one for Posen who catapulted to immense fashion success in 2001 (at only 21 years old) but whose career of late has seen more than a few setbacks (issues with investors, delayed store openings, a botched fragrance deal).

Posen's sheer design skills haven't wavered, though, and we get to sample his talent at a bargain.  In the video above, The Cut (New York magazine's fashion blog and one of my daily reads) offers an inside look at Posen's Target pieces and the chance to check them out on a real person an incredibly hungry model (the shot at the end where Posen has to tighten the dress from the back with a few fistfuls of fabric is wince-worthy.  Girlfriend needs a sandwich).  Some of the pieces aren't our style, but others have a good deal of promise.  There's a strapless dress (in navy or red) with a ruffled skirt that detaches to transform the piece into an ordinary strapless number and a dress and skirt made from a chic brocade floral print (lined in purple).  The quality of the brocade pieces looks impressive.

Target's stock of the Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim pieces was pitiful to put it nicely (to put it meanly, it was a goddamn waste of my time), but the recently released apparel lines (Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier, Liberty of London) have had better showings.  I'm pretty sure I've purchased all but 3 of the Liberty pieces - those prints are irresistible.

The official launch date of ZP for Target is this Sunday, April 25 but perhaps half of the excitement is stalking the stores to see when the line is stocked (you sneaky marketing genius Target).  Want to see more?  Click here to check out the entire lookbook with prices.