Bargain Blizzards!

IMG_1285Many thanks are owed to my mom for alerting me of this big news (there must be some malfunction in my Blizzard Fan Club e-mail subscription since I didn't get a notification about this): In honor of 25 years of Dairy Queen's delicious Blizzard treat, our much loved (but once hated) soft serve ice cream chain is having an awesome promotion - buy one Blizzard and get a second one for only 25 cents! The promotion ends this Sunday, April 25 so, if you're a Blizzard lover like I am, grab a buddy and get hustlin' to your nearest DQ before the weekend ends.  I'm planning on dragging Ski there after our last Broad Street training run on Sunday.

Image of yours truly enjoying a chocolate M&M Blizzard outside my beloved DQ in Carlisle, PA after my friend KMax's wedding ceremony in October 2009 (I don't usually wear capes and cocktail dresses to get Blizzards).