The Cure for a Gossip Girl Hangover

GG Monday morning used to be the most difficult morning of the work week for me.  Until Gossip Girl. Ever since I began watching the Greatest Show of Our Time (Vulture's tag line, not mine), I no longer battle with Mondays (Gossip Girl airs on Monday nights).  Now, Tuesday is my biggest enemy.

Come Tuesday morning, the sadness of the work week hits me and I have little to look forward to (I fear for my mental health once The Biggest Loser vanishes from my Tuesday night lineup).  On Tuesday mornings, I, like many women across America, suffer from a Gossip Girl hangover.  I awake in a state of melancholy knowing that I must endure 6 long days and nights until I can enjoy another episode filled with Chuck and Blair's banter, Serena's ridiculously inappropriate yet always flattering wardrobe or little J's disgustingly long extensions.  Monday nights are glorious.  Tuesday mornings are not.

Everyone knows what's the best cure for a hangover: more of the juice that got you so messed up the night before.  Enter the life saving Gossip Girl recaps from New York magazine's entertainment blog Vulture, without which I may not make it through Tuesday.  Vulture uses a weekly reality index and adds and subtracts points based on the quality and realness of each episode. If you love GG, you must read these recaps.

When you're a dedicated fan of a certain TV show, you know there's nothing better than reliving every little detail of each episode with someone who is just as obsessed as you.  Vulture has transformed this beloved pastime into a virtual pleasure.  As lame as it may sound, it's an incredibly satisfying experience to read a recap of one of your favorite shows and see that someone made the same observations you did (I, too, was disappointed when I saw that Nate allegedly wears Brooks Brothers shirts).

Even if you don't watch Gossip Girl, you may still have a home at Vulture; the blog also recaps the The Real Housewives of NYC, Glee, Project Runway, Lost and 24, among others.  We're willing to bet you find these recaps almost as entertaining as the shows themselves.

Click here to check out Vulture's recap of last night's Gossip Girl.  And yes, it is weird that all of the Baldwin brothers have the same exact voice.