Major Sale at Anthropologie

anthroHCG IS BACK!  We're very sorry for (and ashamed by) our long, sad absence.  As always, the reason for the disappearance was the suffocating demand of a full-time job.  Please forgive HCG just like I have forgiven MR for dissuading me two years ago from buying my favorite Paige ankle-length skinnies in white for only $50.  Every summer since that poorly offered advice, I remind myself that MR is a good friend, and she still feels badly whenever we see skinny white jeans. On to happy thoughts: today marks the start of Anthropologie's twice yearly sale! This isn't some pansy ass sale in the basement of your local store with random crap no one wants - this is good stuff.  Major discounts on pre-spring and spring merchandise are being offered to clear the way for summer and late-summer goods.

We first learned of this sale from Racked (via the Anthro-dedicated blog Effortless Anthropologie).  Apparently the sale stuff is all over the joint, and the prices are incredibly reasonable (for Anthropologie at least).  Some stores will even have TENTS OUTSIDE (can you imagine?).  Don't fret if you can't make it to an Anthropologie store - serious discounts have been posted online, too.

If you can't find something you L-O-V-E, we're sure you can find something in the Home section that you never knew you needed or wanted.

It feels good to be back.