IMG_4165If you have an excellent long-term memory, you may recall that Team HCG trained for the Broad Street Run which took place on Sunday, May 2 in everyone's favorite city.  Was the race everything we'd hoped it be?  Did we win?  No and no. The Broad Street Run is America's biggest 10-mile race, and this year marked the most participants in the race's 31-year history.  Registration for the BSR was capped at 30,000 people, and 26,265 runners actually finished the race.  As you can tell from the photo above, I wasn't feeling too good about the race at the start.  The weather that weekend was incredibly hot and humid, and our AC went bust the night before the race.  I awoke at 3:00 a.m. to a stifling 84 degrees indoors and spent the next three hours asking Joe if he was sleeping and wishing I owned a fan.  My brother Johnny and Trang spent the entire night wishing they hadn't slept over our place.

Despite this setback, Team HCG managed to board the subway, which we use only for the BSR and Phillies games, by 7:00 a.m. and make it to the start with plenty of time to wait in line for the bathroom three times (I drank too much water in my state of nervousness).  When our corral of runners finally made it to the official starting line, the butterflies in my stomach settled when the race speakers started blaring the theme song from "Rocky" (which yes, is a little cheesy, but which is also pretty fun when you're about to run through Philadelphia with tens of thousands of people).IMG_4176The first few miles of the race were relatively enjoyable.  Fire hydrants along the race course were opened to allow runners to dash through the water and cool themselves off, and I ran full speed through those babies just like Jane Ferry dove into her first birthday cake this weekend.  I felt great through mile five and heartily congratulated the couple running next to me who got engaged while we rounded City Hall (they didn't stop running).  But at mile six, my mind started to wander, and I just wanted to get this race over with.  I stared longingly at the volunteers cheering along the race course and handing out cups of water wishing I could trade places with them.  After training for 10 weeks in cool weather, running on such a stifling hot day was downright unpleasant.  At one point, I felt like I was going to collapse on the pavement outside of Ristorante Pesto in South Philadelphia.

But I, along with the rest of Team HCG, made it through the finish line.  Pictured below from left to right: Trang, Gina, Helen, Olivia, Ski. IMG_4220Everyone looks deservedly exhausted with the exception of Trang who looks like she just got a massage and drank a few mimosas.  Trang was the fastest of our group, and I credit some of her speed to her magical custom Nike Shox iD. IMG_4143 Many thanks are owed to the supporters of Team HCG who escorted us on the subway, accompanied us to the start, carried our stuff in backpacks and cheered us on at the finish line.  Pictured below: Rusty (Ski's life partner), Joe and Johnny (a.k.a. JMJR - my brother and Trang's baby girl).IMG_4137Until next year... I think.