Sandal Fever

IMG_4268Every girl needs a decent selection of fun sandals for summer.  Last summer I waited until late June to get my ass in gear and start sandal shopping, and I paid for it.  I spent the next two months in a state of panic, never having quite the right sandal to go with a certain outfit and feeling like a total failure.  When I saw girls sporting cool sandals on the street, I would stare at their feet with envy, shame pulsing through my veins.  I convinced myself that I was the only woman in America without a sufficiently cool pair of sandals, and I resolved not to make the same mistake this year. So when I stopped by Urban Outfitters last week and saw the huge selection of reasonably priced sandals in the store, I forced myself to spend nearly an hour trying on almost every damn pair (side note: trying on sandals that aren't flip flops is practically torture.  The only thing worse is bra shopping).  My hard work was worth it.  I walked away with the four pairs of sandals pictured above, each of which cost less than $24.00.  UO is usually a reliable stop for affordable sandals, but they've outdone themselves this year.

A rundown of the goods, clockwise from top left: Ecote Salsa Sandal in Pink, $19.99.  A little shiny, a little sparkly, these semi-T strap sandals come in a variety of colors.  The pink version isn't offensive or obvious, and the thicker ankle strap is sturdy.  Con: the gold/pink straps felt a little scratchy on my first wear.

Deena & Ozzy Patent Leather Cage Sandal in Black, $28.00 online now but $19.99 online and in stores last week.  I swear these aren't as weird looking once they're on your feet.  I really wanted an all-black pair of sandals and figured these were worth a shot.  No test run yet.

Ecote Macrame Slingback Sandal in Silver, $19.99.  Despite the negative reviews online regarding the comfort of these sandals, I bought them anyway.  The style is by far the most flattering of those I bought, and other than the slightly too big straps, I didn't have any issues after wearing these for more than 10 hours this past Saturday.  Actually, I did have an issue when Trang and I traipsed through the dusty parking lot next to the Piazza in Northern Liberties and the sandals got slightly jacked up.  But that wasn't the sandals' fault.

Ecote Macrame Sandal in Silver, $24.00.  My favorite of the bunch but also the least adventurous, the Macrame is incredibly comfortable and will work with shorts, dresses, skirts and ankle-length skinnies.  I love these so much I may go back for a pair in brown (which is more tan than brown in real life).  Note: the silver color is more of a dark metallic silver and is not nearly as bright as it looks online.

Despite feeling relieved with my new sandal collection, I couldn't resist buying yet another pair of sandals (this time in gold) for only $17 at DSW yesterday.  I think I've almost made up for last summer.