Short Order

MidiHCG loves little denim shorts.  We wore them nonstop last summer and were sad to pack them away in our Tupperware in September (yes, I still pack away winter and summer clothes like my mother). I struggled to find a sufficiently relaxed and minimally distressed pair of denim shorts last summer and logged many hours trying on dozens of options.  My journey to denim short perfection even included an altercation with a sales girl at American Eagle who, after I mentioned that the store's shorts were all incredibly short and tight around the legs, tried to console me by saying, "I know exactly how you feel.  I have bigger legs, too, so it's hard for me to find shorts that fit well."  Really?

I finally found a decent pair at F21 which served me well throughout summer 2009.  My F21 shorts ran me a sweet $19.80, but they weren't 100% perfect.  They were a little shorter than I would've liked, and the wash wasn't as dark as I wanted.

Only a few weeks into summer 2010, my wish for the perfect pair of denim shorts was granted by Madewell, the recently launched chain of casual stores from the J. Crew family.  I arrived at Madewell on a mission, and the sales girls were incredibly helpful.  After trying on tons of different cuts and washes, I settled on the Denim Midi Shorts in the Eastwood wash, and they're amazing.  The length is just long enough to be comfortable and the cut of the shorts is relaxed enough so I can fit my hands into the pockets (which is huge).  Note that the Eastwood wash isn't as dirty looking in person as it looks online; it's closer to the wash shown above.

And even though the price is a little steep for denim shorts, I'll gladly pay extra for something that can fit my oversize legs.

Denim midi shorts, $59.00 at Madewell