Making Life Easier

hcgLikesFacebookHuge news: Here Comes Gina now has a Facebook page. In an effort to make your daily life a little less complicated and to make sure not a word from HCG goes by without you knowing about it (God forbid), we're bringing HCG to the world's largest social network.  If you're on Facebook, just go to the Here Comes Gina Facebook page and click "like."  From that point forward, links to new HCG posts will appear in your FB news feed!  Now you don't have to waste time checking the site to see if there's a new post.

So far, 53 people like the HCG Facebook page (up from 3 people last Thursday - me, Joe and MR), and we think this number is incredible.  We've already memorized the entire list and keep calling CF each time one of her friends likes the page.  If we hit 100 people, we really might die.