Supreme Courtship

buckleyHappy July 2nd!  To celebrate America's birthday in a few days, we are revealing June's book club selection: Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley, author of Thank You for Smoking and other hilarious novels.  MR chose this book and hosted our June gathering. A short rundown of the book from our old faithful site GoodReads:

President of the United States Donald Vanderdamp is having a hell of a time getting his nominees appointed to the Supreme Court. After one nominee is rejected for insufficiently appreciating To Kill A Mockingbird, the president chooses someone so beloved by voters that the Senate won't have the guts to reject her -- Judge Pepper Cartwright, the star of the nation's most popular reality show, Courtroom Six.

Will Pepper, a straight-talking Texan, survive a confirmation battle in the Senate? Will becoming one of the most powerful women in the world ruin her love life? And even if she can make it to the Supreme Court, how will she get along with her eight highly skeptical colleagues, including a floundering Chief Justice who, after legalizing gay marriage, learns that his wife has left him for another woman.

Full disclosure: I'm ashamed to admit I did not read this book.  I couldn't get on the wait list for it at the library (probably because Meg dominated the list), and I tried but failed to find it at two different Borders stores.  Then I gave up.  Most everyone else did read the entire book, though, and the general consensus was that it was a fun, light summer read.  The book was packed with clever satire and witty one-liners and footnotes (which our group quickly came to love).  All in all, Supreme Courtship was a successful book club choice.  Plus, MR perfectly timed this book with the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Elena Kagan.  Could this shit GET any crazier?  In the event you are not familiar with Elena Kagan, check out Maureen Dowd's highly informative column on the former dean of Harvard Law School here.  You will not regret clicking that link.

Our high attendance at this month's meeting confirmed our suspicion that Thursday is by far the best night for book club.  MR dished out an incredibly tasty portabella mushroom lasagna (which, like many of our book club eats, hailed from the Haus of Contessa), and we enjoyed a rowdy discussion of which book club members had ever taken an AIDS test (yes, it does get that weird sometimes).  Clearly, it was an amazing meeting.

HUGE book club congrats are in order: we welcomed in early June the first baby born since book club's inception.  Henry Andrew Fuelleborn (baby HAF) was born to book club co-founder HAF and her husband Andrew on June 10, 2010.  When we visited HAF in the hospital, she was reading Supreme Courtship.  No joke.