Nothing But Love

gpvogueWe're going to get this out of the way now: we know not all women adore Gwyneth Paltrow.  But we here at HCG have nothing but love for GP.  We know she's all over the place between her long-rumored feud with Winona, her strange friendship with Madonna and her self transformation from Oscar-winning starlet to domestic guru/coolest working mother on the planet.  As GP herself informs us via her newsletter GOOP, she works out two hours a day, sometimes eats only organic and detoxes but then raves about the amazing fried chicken selection in Nashville.  Really?

The always-lingering question is this: Is Gwyneth truly trying to improve our lives or simply gloat about how fabulous her own setup is?  We don't really care.  Much like Here Comes Gina, GOOP covers whatever the hell it wants, and we can identify with that.  HCG and GOOP also have similar circulation numbers and press coverage, so we like having someone to compare ourselves to.

From a style perspective, Gwyneth is sheer perfection.  Whether she's wearing a Balmain mini on the red carpet or a Burberry trench on the streets of London, she always looks chic, polished and absolutely enviable.  From a marketing viewpoint, GP is pure endorsement gold.  If Gwyneth is wearing something, chances are most women want to buy it (don't even try to tell me you didn't love her Tod's ads).  MR and I often use the "Gwyneth Barometer" (or the "Posh Barometer") to determine if something is a wise purchase.  Example: Not sure if you should buy that questionable [fill in the blank] at H&M?  If you're alone or with a friend like MR who sometimes refuses to take your kind advice, ask yourself or your friend: Would Gwyneth wear it?  Exactly.

We were relieved to see Gwyneth's August Vogue cover is just.plain.gorgeous.  She looks fresh, relaxed and natural but done just enough - a welcome change from GP's May 2008 Vogue cover which did girlfriend no favors by portraying her as a possessed robot whose head has been Photoshopped awkwardly out of position from her neck.

If you love Gwyneth like we do, check out this Vogue-produced video where she dishes on her current projects, looks beautiful and makes us wish we could swap lives with her even more:

Beauty and the Feast [Vogue]