Flat Out Awesome

cityflatIf you are a city dweller/worker who sports flats to and from the office, or if you are simply someone who loves comfortable footwear, Gap's new City Flats are definitely worth checking out.

The shape of these flats and the elasticized opening are what initially lured me in; at first glance, I thought "Whoa, Lanvin!"  Obviously, I knew Gap wasn't stocking discounted Lanvin (life is not that sweet), but the style of these banana flats is thisclose to the Holy Grail of ballerina flats: the classic $500 Lanvin flat (shown here in black patent):lanvin The ridiculous amount of cushion in the City Flat is unbelievable.  When you first slip on these shoes, you feel as though you are walking on a pile of marshmallows.  The City Flat definitely offers more cushion than my Bloch flats (which ran me $150), and I won't have to stress about all the money I threw away if the City Flat falls apart in a few months.  An update on the Bloch flats: they're doing okay, but they've seen better days.  I've worn them practically every work day since March, and they're in decent shape given the daily beating they take.  But I had hoped they would look a little better after only four months.  Final verdict: disappointed.

Incredibly, the City Flat is made of REAL LEATHER.  We're not talking high-quality leather here, but the leather is (1) baby soft, (2) flexible and (3) does not smell like gasoline, which is more than I can say for any H&M flats.   Plus, the shoes come with a matching drawstring pouch so you can tuck them away, throw the little guy in your bag and not look completely ghetto.

Take note: Gap stores stock a wider array of colors than what is offered online.  I picked up the City Flat in silver along with a dark gray version not pictured on Gap.com.  I decided against a camel-beige version and would've bought navy and black but my size was not available.  Yes, I do tend to overbuy when I first discover something I think may be a monumental find.  So far, there are only two negatives to these shoes.  First, the weird front sole portion is slightly visible while the shoe is worn, as shown in the photo above.  I wish it wasn't, but that fact didn't qualify as a dealbreaker for me.  Second, the fit is a little more snug around the toes than I would like.  I assume the shoes will stretch, but I suggest trying on a half size larger than usual to avoid discomfort.

Sale alert!  Shop today (in stores and online) and get 20% off your purchase with this coupon.  Ignore the fact that you could've saved 30% or 25% had I posted this coupon sooner.

Gap City Flat, $39.50 at Gap