Dolce Vita for Target

DolceVita Target has jumped the gun with its latest designer collaboration even earlier than usual.  The official release date for Target's pairing with trendy shoe maker Dolce Vita was August 22, but the entire collection has gone live on the Target website today and has already been spotted in Target stores across the country.

Racked checked out the goods yesterday at the opening of the new Target store in East Harlem, and noted that although the shoes are made of faux leather, initial feedback to the styles and quality sounded promising.  As with any Target designer diffusion line, the prices are the main draw.  The shoes range from $29.99 - $34.99, or about 1/3 of what a pair of Dolce Vita shoes would ordinarily set you back.

While we love a good Target collab, we're not sold on the Dolce Vita offerings. But that doesn't mean we won't go to our local Target as soon as possible to check them out.  After all, those black oxfords could look incredible in person.

If you spot the Dolce Vita shoes in your Target, let us know what you think!

Image via Racked