Let the Beat Drop

womens1When the J. Crew fall 2010 lookbook arrived at my house, I spent what seemed like an hour - but was probably five very focused minutes - dissecting and admiring each look.  Under the helm of J. Crew's creative director and newly-minted president Jenna Lyons, the label continues to surprise and impress each season - especially with its jewelry selection.  I've been buying up J.Crew jewelry for the past year and can't get enough of it.  These days J. Crew has gotten so elevated it's even sold on Net-a-Porter, which marks the first time the label is available outside the U.S.  Aren't we getting fancy now, J. Crew!

I absolutely love the styling of the fall 2010 women's lookbook.  The pink lips, crazy hair, immense amount of layers - it's perfect.  My goal for fall: leave the house looking crazy but polished in an expensive homeless lady-looking way.  Easy enough, right?

Not pictured: this stunning paper bag sequined skirt I absolutely need to own.  $275 may be a little much for a sequined J. Crew skirt, but it has pockets. womens2womens3womens4womens5Because we know more than a few male HCG readers who are J. Crew devotees, we've selected some of our favorite men's looks: mens1mens2 We love nothing than a man in a great fitting jacket or a slim cut suit.  Rawrr!

Check out the entire women's lookbook here and the men's lookbook here.