I Don't Want No Scrub

lushA summer filled with weekends spent on the beach means the feet are in need of some extra attention by the time August rolls around. While I faithfully use The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector to soften my soles, a good foot lotion gets a girl only so far.

A solid foot scrub is necessary to keep your feet as pampered as possible. Enter Lush's Ocean Salt Scrub, a bright blue and fresh-smelling scrub made primarily of sea salt and lemon, lime and grapefruit juices. The Ocean Salt Scrub is labeled "face and body scrub," so I was unsure that it would be intense enough for the feet. But the sales associates at Lush in Philly assured me it's the best product to use on feet, and, fortunately for them - HCG hates nothing more than a liar pushing a product - they were right.

The Ocean Salt Scrub is rough enough to get the job done but not so harsh that it hurts, and the avocado and coconut fats help to moisturize the skin. The best way to use this scrub on the feet is to apply a small amount of thick foot cream on dry feet (as mentioned above, I use the Hemp Hand Protector) and then go to town with the scrub - note: very little scrub is necessary. Rinse, pat dry and slather on your foot lotion for optimum results. At the Haus of Gina, this ritual takes place right before bed, and we awaken to super soft feet in the morning.

If you don't feel like dropping $20 on foot scrub, just mix together some sea salt and random juices in a bowl. I'm sure you'll get the same result.

Ocean Salt Scrub, $19.95 (4.2 oz.) at Lush