Fall Essential: The Maxi Skirt

rickWe're not ones to wish away summer, but no season excites a hard-core shopper more than fall - and it's almost here! You already know HCG loves maxi dresses, so it's no surprise that we're obsessed with finding an amazing black maxi skirt for fall. The maxi skirt is a wise investment for many reasons. Not only can this piece be worn pretty much anywhere - work, shopping, parties, church (yes, HCG uses even religion as an excuse to dress up) - it's perfect for transitioning from warmer to cooler weather. Wear it now with a tank and sandals and wear it later with a fitted leather jacket and big scarf.

The gold standard of maxi skirts is, of course, by Rick Owens and is pictured above ($800 at Net-a-Porter). While we'd love to have this wool-blend maxi skirt in our closet, we'd probably need a 90% discount before we could justify buying it. Fortunately, we found a bronze standard maxi skirt which is actually 95% cheaper than the Rick Owens version and which will fit the bill just fine (basic maxi skirt, $36 at Topshop): topshop We're making a very special shopping trip to New York tomorrow and hope to pick this skirt up at Topshop, so we'll let you know how it looks in person if we find it. If we can't find this skirt, don't worry. I'm sure we'll find lots of other stuff to buy to make up for it.