Shop 'til Someone Dies

barneysAugust 20, 2010 is a very happy day at Here Comes Gina. Today, for the first time, we are going to the Barneys Warehouse Sale. For those unfamiliar with this event, the Barneys Warehouse Sale is a semi-annual blowout of amazing designer goods from everyone's favorite luxury department store, Barneys New York. The sale is notorious for huge discounts, serious fashion finds and complete chaos. My only experience with an intense sale was the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement before my wedding, and I got into a near-violent altercation with a drunk woman wearing a large Miller Lite t-shirt and dirty sweatpants. But I also got a Monique Lhuillier slip dress for $250 which I wore as my second wedding dress. Take that, take that.

Clearly, I have big hopes for the BWS. I have dreamed of attending this sale for years, and the stars finally aligned when the sale dates coincided with a reunion trip with two of my longtime friends, Caitlin and Alex, in New York. Actually, the trip was originally planned (after much rescheduling) for last weekend, but I made a desperate plea for a date change when I realized I could go to the BWS. Luckily for me I have great friends.

The BWS isn't Caitlin's scene, so Alex and I are rolling to the sale Snooki and J-Woww style with plans to dominate. Our biggest fears are: (1) long lines, (2) really high price tags, and (3) lack of bathrooms. After the BWS, we're meeting up with C and heading over to Soho to hit up HCG favorites Uniqlo and Topshop, then stopping by H&M and the new F21 in Times Square if we haven't collapsed or run out of money. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday.

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