Aloha from Lana'i!

IMG_5709Did I forget to mention I was going to Hawaii for two weeks? I'm sorry. I intended to post shortly after we arrived, but I fell into a comatose state of intense relaxation. I tried to type, but I couldn't make my fingers move across the keyboard. I'm better now. A little more than two years ago, Joe and I made the huge mistake of staying at the Four Seasons on the Big Island of Hawaii and on Maui during our honeymoon. Our trip was unbelievable, but it turns out that once you stay at a Four Seasons, you have this weird belief that you should always stay there. That's how we ended up here.

We've been staying at the Four Seasons Lana'i at Manele Bay on the island of Lana'i since Sunday, and our stay has been pure bliss. An example: on day 1, I took outdoor yoga, spent 7 hours lounging on the beach, swimming, reading, napping and eating, got a massage and then took a nap. Yes, that day actually happened. We forgot how incredible the service is here, especially on the beach. I quickly got used to the ice cold washcloths, Evian sprays, never ending water, lemonade, food and drinks. Lana'i is a very secluded island with not a lot to do, and we've taken full advantage of the lack of activity. Other people rent ATVs, go horseback riding and take hikes. Not us. Joe snorkeled a few times, and I watched him from my lounge chair (not true. I fell asleep. But I did wave when he first went in the water).

The perfect weather - high 80s, no humidity and sunny with a breeze - has only made our experience on Lana'i all the more amazing. Below, the view from the hotel lobby. Every morning when we went to breakfast (see me with my beloved Four Seasons pancakes here), we couldn't believe the view. It's that breathtaking:IMG_5764Lots more photos from our stay on Lana'i below. The Polaroid and other stylized shots come from new apps Joe discovered for his Droid. IMG_5696IMG_5925IMG_5941154755321shot_1283313740747shot_12833806134791283393786315128339384148912833947636961283393682222IMG_5952sunsetToday we're off to Kaua'i to spend the next seven nights in an oceanfront house with 11 of our closest friends. We still can't believe we managed to swing this long of a trip. More updates will come from Kaua'i!