Uniqlo + Topshop Save the Day

IMG_5587The HCG shopping trip to NY was so fun, but the day was a bit of a blur. I awoke in Caitlin's apartment the next morning feeling hungover and achy, with pangs of regret and confusion running through my mind. What did I even buy yesterday? How much money did I spend? Where are my underwear? Fortunately, I took lots of photos to commemorate the experience. The entire day can be summed up in one phrase that was directed at me in every single store: "Miss, you can't take photos or video in here." I debated pretending like I didn't speak English, but I bitched out, got scared and started sneaking photos and video instead. Hence, the shaky footage in our first ever HCG video.

The Barneys Warehouse Sale wasn't all I hoped it would be.rmcThough we saw lots of high-end items - the designer womenswear section housed everything from Balenciaga to Proenza Schouler to Rodarte - the prices were still significantly out of our price range (as in hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than we were willing to spend). If we go to the BWS next year, we'll try to schedule our trip until after at least the first round of markdowns.

Inside the BWS we encountered a decent but not overwhelming amount of people, bad fluorescent lighting and all these cheeky signs which I liked at first but which eventually made me feel even more pressured to buy something. Full disclosure: writing a blog post about going to a sale also adds another layer of pressure. Wouldn't it be kind of lame if I went all the way there and didn't get anything?IMG_5570Alex was definitely scared - mostly of the price tags.IMG_5576We started at shoes and really dug our way through the piles that remained but found nothing worth buying. A quick glimpse of the Marc by Marc Jacobs coat I did end up getting. Originally $628, on sale for $379 ($412 with taxes); not exactly the bargain of the century, but a great coat. Since Pennsylvania has no sales tax on clothing, I always feel like I'm hit in the gut when I pay tax out of state.RMWe left the BWS feeling a little defeated, so we headed over to Soho to buy more reasonably priced items.IMG_5582After a quick stop in Zara (no purchases there but I debated a plaid wool swing coat), we hurried over to one of my all-time favorite stores - UNIQLO! As I've mentioned on HCG before, I'm a huge fan of this Japanese chain and make it a point to shop for great basics there every time I'm in New York. IMG_5597IMG_5584IMG_5590IMG_5588I picked up a dress, skirt, a few chiffon flowy shirts (a staple of mine) and smiled at my total: under $160 for 7 items. Booyah! I restrained myself from buying these faux fur tippets - at only $19.99 each, it's a damn miracle I didn't walk out of the store with a bag full of them.IMG_5586Our next stop was Topshop where we DID find the basic maxi skirt in navy, but it sadly wasn't as cool as we hoped (you can see me giving it a thumbs down in the video). I made up for the lack of coolness of the maxi skirt by picking up a dress, skirt and bracelet. And Caitlin convinced the cashier to let me use her student I.D. Brilliant! IMG_5596We headed over to Times Square to grab a bite to eat and celebrate Caitlin's Aunt Anne (cryptic, I know). Despite sporting my most comfortable flats all day, my dogs were barking and greatly appreciated the rest. IMG_5601IMG_5606IMG_5605You know HCG couldn't go to New York for the first time since the 90,000 square foot Forever 21 opened in Times Square and not pay this shrine to cheap fashion a visit. IMG_5608The place was absolutely INSANE. Granted, it was 10:45 p.m. on a Friday night in August, so the number of tourists in the store and in Times Square in general was practically suffocating. I could barely grasp the vast size of the place. Every floor looked the same, and I kept getting lost. The music was about twice as loud as any Abercrombie I've ever been in, and I developed a splitting headache that prevented me from being able to focus much less buy anything. We stumbled out into the madness of Times Square and headed back to Caitlin's place in Long Beach to spend the rest of the weekend recovering on the beach.IMG_5613Don't you worry, F21. I'll be back.