Craziness in Kauai

IMG_6085Greetings from Kauai! We're a little more than halfway through our stay here and are having so much fun I've almost wet myself on a daily basis. This is our first visit to Kauai, and we've already decided it's our favorite Hawaiian island. The scenery at this place is epic - there are super lush mountains set against crystal blue water practically everywhere you look. If you're having trouble picturing Kauai, think Jurassic Park - all three installments in the movie series (and many other movies) were filmed here.

We're staying on the North Shore of Kauai in Princeville right near Hanalei Bay and lots of other great beaches, including one of our favorites so far, Tunnels Beach (shown above). There are 13 of us together on this leg of the trip, and, as you can imagine, we tend to make quite an impact wherever we go. We also tend to consume more food and drinks than the entire Duggar family. The house we're staying in is perched on a cliff high above the ocean with amazing views:IMG_6513IMG_6508The path to the beach near our house, which we were led to believe was only a five-minute walk through a wooded area, was actually a 20-minute treacherous hike that nearly killed us in our flip flops. The beach was super private, though, and great for snorkeling. AND we scored an awesome SPOTTED: the actor Josh Lucas, most notably known to us as Reese Witherspoon's love interest in Sweet Home Alabama. DQG spotted him, IMDB-ed him and made initial contact by asking, "Has anyone ever told you you look like Josh Lucas?" When he laughed and responded yes, Dana countered with, "Are you Josh Lucas?" POSITIVE!IMG_6050Lots of memories have been made during this trip. I celebrated my 28th birthday on Saturday with a surprise birthday breakfast, flowers, presents and a cake decorated with M&Ms.IMG_6211In even bigger news, Johnny and Trang got ENGAGED last week! IMG_6220We celebrated with champagne, another cake and red Solo cups.IMG_6228One of our favorite stops on our tour of Kauai's North Shore was Queens Bath, a swimming area that was formed by an ancient lava flow. It took a little bit of a hike to get there, but it was well worth the effort. IMG_6230IMG_6234IMG_6318A good amount of people were peacefully snorkeling and swimming in the lava pool until we arrived like a pack of wild dogs from Delaware County, PA. We really do try to be quiet, but we just get too excited. Plus, we saw turtles and started cheering "TURTLES!" each time they poked their little heads up out of the water. IMG_6270IMG_3976IMG_3971IMG_3975Forgive the bathing suits + sneakers. It was a hike.

I finally wore my H&M Garden Collection rainbow kimono, and it made quite a statement (partially because I kept flapping my arms and squawking like a Velociraptor). Appearances by Mark, Beana, T-Fuzz and Dara below. IMG_6385IMG_6443If you own this rainbow kimono, expect to have a good time when you wear it. This night on which I wore my kimono was the most eventful evening of our trip so far. After a dance party and limbo contest at our house then sushi and plenty of drinks at Bouchons, we headed over to Tahiti Nui to continue the fun where I nearly JWOWW-ed a local chick in a horribly unflattering orange maxi dress who felt it necessary to tell me that she didn't appreciate the good times our group was having there. The conflict was dramatic and reminiscent of Blue Crush ("This is my island"), but I can't really divulge any more details given the pending police investigation. IMG_6373Watch out: we've taken nearly 1,000 photos so far, so additional photos will follow. I won't give too much away, but I will say that the upcoming posts will include images of human pyramids.