pyramidHawaii 2010 was the best trip we've ever taken. It's difficult to have a bad time in Hawaii, and the combination of a week on Lana'i by ourselves and a week on Kauai with our friends was the perfect way to end summer. A few final photos of our time on Kauai, including the largest human pyramid we built that week:IMG_6603Hanalei Bay:beachduskMark playing his ukulele: IMG_6864Floppy hats at Ke'e Beach: IMG_6829Joe paddle boarding at Hanalei Bay: IMG_6729Hanalei Bay at sunset: IMG_6718IMG_6700 If it isn't obvious from the photo above, we had an incredible trip. In fact, we were all screaming "OH MY GODDD!!!" in this photo. You can't fake that kind of enthusiasm. Where to next?

Editor's Note: The title of this post refers to a quote by the infamous Antoine Dodson who apparently now has his own website and without whom our trip wouldn't have been the same. Many thanks, Antoine.