Born That Way

costumesTeam HCG had the honor of seeing Lady Gaga in concert last week in Philadelphia. As we expected, the show, and the Lady herself, did not disappoint. Lady Gaga's 2010 Monster Ball Tour has been wildly successful, and both Philadelphia shows sold out faster than I could click my little computer mouse to buy tickets. Initially, only one Philly show was planned, but a second show was added due to overwhelming demand (I didn't make that up - that's exactly what the e-mail from the Wachovia Center ticket office said). I gave up on purchasing tickets the conventional way, mostly because I failed at that, and focused my efforts on trolling Craigslist and StubHub the days before the shows to try to find decent yet reasonably priced tickets.  I failed at that, too, and last Tuesday evening (the night of the first show), I was resigned to being a complete loser who couldn't get Lady Gaga tickets when it seemed like everyone else I knew could.

Then magic happened.

A partner in my office, who shall remain nameless to protect him from the fame and notoriety that comes with being mentioned on HCG, knew of my struggle to obtain Gaga tickets.  Last Tuesday evening, said partner sailed into my office while talking on his cell phone, dropped two club box tickets to the Wednesday night show on my desk and walked out. After I regained consciousness, I chased after the nameless partner angel to express my gratitude, and I then texted my girl T-Fuzz and told her to SHOW ME YOUR TEETH.

We pre-gamed before the show with CF, Tara and JH (the woman formerly known as Jen Spuhler and a master of the Lady Gaga claw) and, since it was a special occasion, Fuzz and I had one Heineken Light each. Despite being sandwiched during the concert between two large men - both with binoculars and one in his late 60s with his similarly aged wife - we danced as hard as possible and loved every minute.

Unsurprisingly, the costumes Gaga wore were equally as entertaining as her performances.  Above, a sampling of the Monster Ball costumes (as shown during a July Boston show). The wig Gaga wore during our show was the same bright yellow color as the wig worn in Boston, but much longer and parted in the middle. These getups exceeded all our expectations, including our favorite costume pictured below (which during our show appeared to have longer front bangs if that makes any sense). Imagine Lady Gaga dancing her ass off in this contraption, which is exactly what she did: gagaIn spite of all the theatrics, it was Gaga's voice that stood out; she was an incredibly impressive live performer. Gaga, in between telling all the fans how much she loved them, repeatedly reminded the crowd that she never lip syncs. This was especially refreshing after growing up during a time where it was rare to hear a pop singer actually sing in concert (JH pointed out that Britney didn't even TALK live during her shows).

Our longtime favorites "Teeth", "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance" were some of our most memorable songs of the night, and we loved the huge octopus/animal/monster Gaga battled during "Paparazzi."  I know lots of HCG readers have seen the Lady in concert this year. Did you love the show as much as we did?

Images of Lady Gaga's costumes during her July 2, 2010 Boston concert via Starcasm