The Case for $200 Eye Cream

sublimageYes, it's ridiculous, but HCG is a proponent of $200 eye cream. Like many women in their late 20s, we have a lingering fear of prematurely aging. Part of this fear may be innate, but we're pretty sure most of it is due to the constant barrage of anti-aging products and advertising young women encounter every day. Whatever the reasons for this fear of aging, we have long been convinced that every woman should use a good eye cream. I first started using eye cream shortly before I turned 21, and I remember thinking I was already 10 years too late. In the years that have followed, I've used many different eye creams and have been consistently disappointed. After so many years of failure, I decided a serious focus on the high end eye cream market was in order.

Linda Harding, my gifted facialist at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, shared some words of wisdom a few years ago that resonated deeply with me: There are two things in life worth spending extra money on: 1) fragrance, and 2) eye cream.  More money buys better ingredients. We know Dateline and the Channel 6 Action News team may disagree with us, but their investigative scientific work is no match for the HCG research team. Linda's wisdom as applied to fragrance is simple.  You KNOW a cheap fragrance when you smell it, and the same goes for a more expensive scent. This advice from Linda has become my personal anthem for life, and I share it with anyone who will listen.

I'm happy to report that Linda's line of reasoning has proven true in the eye cream arena. HCG spent months researching and testing two of the most expensive and popular eye creams on the luxury market: the La Mer and Chanel eye creams. I requested samples from the La Mer and Chanel counters at Neiman's and employed the slick tactic of telling the sales associates at the Chanel counter that I was currently using La Mer and was considering switching to Chanel and vice versa at the La Mer counter. Brilliant, I know. I obviously appeared to be a very wealthy lady because I was awarded samples the size of a typical eye cream container. These samples lasted for months and afforded me the opportunity to determine which eye cream was worth a small fortune.

Although the La Mer eye cream was satisfactory, it didn't give me the results I sought after dropping $200, and the results I experienced after using the Chanel eye cream were just too good to ignore. The Chanel Sublimage eye cream is by far the best eye cream I've ever used. Within a few days, any fine lines were practically gone and, after nearly a year, I still have at least 1/3 of the eye cream left. The gut-wrenching price tag doesn't seem so bad when stretched out over 12 months. The texture of this eye cream is thick but not heavy and is rich enough to require only very small amounts for each application. Believe me, HCG treats this stuff like pure gold and uses as little as possible each morning and night. I once dropped the glass container on my bathroom floor and practically cracked my jaw diving to catch it. I shudder just recounting that heart-stopping moment.

We fully acknowledge that $200 is an embarrassing amount of money for a non-celebrity or someone other than Melinda Gates to spend on eye cream, but this is one area where HCG has no cheaper alternatives. We spent the past seven years trying lots of less expensive (and we're not talking cheap) eye creams with no success. In some cases, the eye cream moisturized but didn't diminish fine lines (see how the anti-aging marketing language has become part of my normal conversational speech?). In other cases, the product would leave my eye area dry, itchy and red. Never did I find something worth the twice-daily application by my oh so delicate ring fingers.

If you've had great results with a more reasonably priced eye cream, give us the deets!

Chanel Sublimage Eye Essential Regenerating Eye Cream, $200 at Saks and Neiman Marcus