Mulberry for Target

mulberryIf you didn't care enough to buy Mulberry for Target on Gilt back in August - or if you didn't click fast enough (apparently the bags sold out on Gilt in a matter of minutes) - now is your chance to snag a Mulberry x Target bag when the collection launches nationwide this Sunday, October 10.

HCG recently debated purchasing a Mulberry bag, and our intended target was the Bayswater bag ($950 at Net-a-Porter). The Bayswater is clearly the inspiration for many of the Target pieces, so we were particularly intrigued by this collaboration. While we still hold out hope that the bags may impress in person, our initial reaction is not a positive one. Although the styles are classic and in line with the Mulberry aesthetic, the quality and details look as though they may be causes for concern. And even though they can likely be removed from the bags, the heart-shaped key chains are so offensive to us we fear we may start dry heaving in the aisle at Target at first glance.

Target has proven that designer clothing and non-leather accessories can be successfully interpreted at incredibly low prices (examples: Erin Fetherston, Rodarte, Liberty, Tucker), but we've yet to see a high quality leather or faux leather accessories collection at Target that takes our breath away. Yes, we know we shouldn't expect great quality for $49.99, but we just can't help ourselves. After all, what else is Target doing with some of the nearly $700 million of profit it raked in during the second quarter of 2010 alone? GIVE US SOME SICK BAGS ALREADY.