Get in Line

markWhen it comes to eye makeup, HCG loves a sharp, jet black eyeliner on the top lid. We've been frequently disappointed when our eyeliner fails to stay put and, only hours after application, causes us to look like we applied it the morning after a night of binge drinking in a poorly-lit public bathroom on the Pennsylvania turnpike. Alas, we have found hope in the Get in Line liquid eyeliner from mark, the younger, allegedly cooler division of Avon.

This miniature size product has gotten a lot of press lately. We've followed its progression in magazines and on beauty blogs and often found ourselves thinking, "Is that mark eyeliner really as awesome as everyone says it is?" We even resisted purchasing it despite Lauren Conrad's constant proclamations that it was life changing because, really, does Lauren Conrad need our help in succeeding in life?

We eventually gave in and this liquid eyeliner is now part of our morning routine. The tiny little brush is perfect for precise application and achieving a winged eyeliner look, and the painted black version is a wonderfully dark black. It took us a few tries to perfect the application of this eyeliner, but we've got it down pretty well after a week of daily use. The best part of this product is the eyeliner's refusal to budge - seriously. After 15 hours of wear - including an after-work pilates class - we experienced no smudging or scary raccoon eyes (sorry Little J, but that's just not the look we're going for. Also, we're relieved your return from exile was only one episode long. We really can't handle the whole child prostitute + horrible extensions thing you refuse to give up).

The ticket price is pretty sweet, too. Even with shipping, our entire bill was less than most high quality liquid, cream or gel eyeliners. If black eyeliner isn't your style, fear not - three other colors are available as well. Brown eyeliner? Little J wouldn't dare.

Get in Line Hook Up Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner in Painted Black, $6.00 at mark