Pick your Plushiness

throwThe weather in Philadelphia is turning quite chilly, and, as much as we adore cold-weather clothing (tights, dresses, boots, oh my!), we're having a tough time adapting to the change of seasons. We usually spend the first few weeks of late fall/early winter freaking out over the cold weather and overdressing in countless layers. And we never - EVER - watch TV without a blanket of some sort. Our need to enjoy our favorite shows with an additional source of warmth is practically debilitating. So when we recently happened upon this amazing throw at Restoration Hardware, the store where normal prices go to die, we blinked back tears of happiness as images of Chips Ahoy cookies + a DVR full of Oprah's farewell season and "16 and Pregnant" raced across our brain. The softness and weight of this throw is like nothing we've ever felt, and we were desperate to take one home. Ah, the shows we would watch and TV milestones we would enjoy while snuggled under that little number!

The story only gets better; the throw, originally priced at $59, is currently on sale for only $29 - the lowest Restoration Hardware has ever discounted this item. We overcame our disbelief and started debating which of the seven colors we should choose. We settled on graphite, a dark gray, and we've already put the blanket to good use. As expected, it is super warm and large enough to share with a friend or spouse. I was tempted to buy 10 additional throws as gifts (the words "luxury" and "plush" are triggers for me), but the overpriced couch we ordered didn't leave much spending money for others. Apparently I'm not the only one excited by this sale; the store where I purchased my throw last Saturday sold over 50 blankets that day alone.

If you're like CF and are determined to get your Christmas shopping done early this year, we can't think of a better gift to get you started.

Luxury Plush Throw, originally $59, on sale for $29 at Restoration Hardware

Editor's Note: Yes, "plushiness" is a real word. We looked it up.