Make your Home Smell like Anthropologie

voluspaWe know we're not the only people who wish our home resembled an Anthropologie store in at least some fashion. While we can't quickly master the Anthropologie aesthetic of the haphazard yet intentional placement of antiques and colorful accessories, we can master the scent of an Anthropologie store. The particular scent of an Anthropologie store has always appealed to us - it's inviting, fresh and never overpowering or offensive. We decided we wanted our home to smell like Anthropologie, and we would stop at nothing to achieve this goal. We set out on an intense mission to decode the secret behind the store's delcious scent.

Our mission was an embarrasingly short one. We feared Anthro's signature scent may be some crazy concoction not disclosed to the average customer and available only in tiny parfumeries in southern France, but we we wrong. It took only one direct question to the sales associate who greeted us upon entry to yield the answer: Voluspa candles are burned all day long in Anthropologie, giving the store its signature scent. I know, we're lame.

This was my first foray into the world of Voluspa candles, so I took the deliberation process seriously. After an hour-long scent test with my trusted advisor MR, I chose Fleurs De Fete, a light, clean scent that didn't overwhelm or give off that "Look who's burning a candle scent." Whenver I burn the candle in my home, someone compliments the scent, and I feel happier about the general quality of my life. Sometimes it's the small pleasures that make a difference.

At $18 each, Voluspa candles are reasonably priced for their size and quality. Each candle boasts an 80-hour burn time - that's only 23 cents an hour! If you wouldn't pay 23 cents an hour to make your home smell awesome, you are straight crazy. I'm hoping to pick up the Frosted Pinecone scent before Christmas to make up for our faux Christmas tree (which I love except for its lack of scent). I wonder if I can squeeze in 80 hours of burn time on that bad boy before the holidays are over...

Voluspa Seasons Candle in Fleurs De Fete, $18.00 at Anthropologie