Teen Wolf Takes the Cup

IMG_7336Happy 2011! To celebrate the start of a new decade, we are sharing photos from HCG's crazy Halloween party which took place only two short months ago.

In 2010, we started an amazing new Halloween party tradition: the Colantonio Costume Cup, a large expensive trophy awarded to the winner of the Best Costume (couple or individual) category each year. If we know and like you, you get to keep the Cup at your house for the entire year (think of it like a Stanley Cup of Halloween). The marvelous Cup sits on a marble base and is quite impressive. Check it out looming on the corner of our mantle below: IMG_7337IMG_7357As you can see, Johnny's and Trang's names were engraved on the cup for their wins at our first two Halloween parties. Lots of trash talk took place this year about Johnny's and Trang's ability to win for a third year in a row (my naming the category of "yes" on the Evite as "Dethrone Johnny and Trang" probably didn't help much). When J+T arrived as Chewbacca and Yoda, we were very impressed. Johnny even had Trang's Yoda cane custom cut for her height.

chewyodaBut when an unrecognizable Joe entered the party as Teen Wolf, we realized Johnny and Trang's reign could very well end that night. And it did.scissorwolfOh, yeah, that's me next to Joe as Edward Scissorhands. I was a little late to the party because I spent the 45 minutes prior to the start time gluing wolf fur to the insides of Joe's thighs and backs of his legs so his costume would be as authentic as possible. I was pretty bitter about that, but I got over it when he won Best Costume by a landslide. See his scary fangs and prosthetic wolf face imported from the U.K.?

Joe did win Best Costume by a large margin, but I thought it is necessary to acknowledge the second place winners in this category: Ski and her life partner Rusty, who came was Eve and Wall-e from the Disney film "WALL-E" - genius!IMG_1041We rounded out our costume contest with three additional categories: Scariest Costume, Most Creative Costume and Worst Costume. Edward Scissorhands technically won the award for Scariest Costume, but we have a rule that a Colantonio can win only the Best Costume category. Matt and Meg were a close second as mimes and they were S-C-A-R-Y, so the 2010 award for Scariest Costume went to them. What was most freaky about their costumes was Matt wearing the same exact woman's shirt as Meg. mimesThe category of Most Creative Costume was a heated contest, and cereal killers Lauren (Blum) and Mark (MJG) inched out the competition to take the prize. Why so creepy looking MJG? serialkillersNo disrespect to the cereal (or should I be writing "serial?") killers, but I was really rooting for one of my favorite costumes of the evening: Facebook! The incredibly creative team of Lori and Kenny Panco rolled up as Facebook apps WITH CHANGING STATUS UPDATES. Like I've said before, the guests at our Halloween party don't mess around. facebookJoe's friend Matt Damico again won Worst Costume, and we again refuse to feature him on HCG because of his lack of effort. We think he has made it his personal goal to always win Worst Costume at our annual party.

Keeping costumes secret in the days and weeks leading up to the party carries certain risks. Namely, there's always a risk that someone else will show up in the same costume as you. In 2009, we had three sets of Jon and Kate plus Eight (which ended up winning Worst Costume). This year, a much cooler costume arrived in duplicates - TWO sets of Chilean miners: the Caldwells and the Victors (FYI - yes, the small mustached person in front is a woman).minersA random sampling of party scenes:IMG_7338hauntedCF stepped her baking game in a big way this year with these angry witch cupcakes in addition to her famous spider cupcakes - amazing! She also dressed as a taco which was equally as amazing.IMG_7378spidersBeana's pumpkin cupcakes were almost as big of a hit as her Chilean mustache and curly wig.cupcakesThere's plenty more to see (including additional photos of everyone's favorite costume - Teen Wolf), so check out the slideshow below for more photos of costumes and craziness!