The Ultimate Man Boot

IMG_7731God has blessed me with many great things in life, and I am especially fortunate to have a husband who appreciates nice things. But like many men, Joe doesn't spend much money on himself (well, at least not in comparison to me). When homeboy does break out his wallet, he prefers to purchase quality over quantity. So when Joe spotted these Sorel snow boots in Neiman Marcus a few months back, I knew they'd be a perfect Christmas present. Just as any determined wife would do, I proactively set our holiday budget at $150 per person, and I spent the weeks leading up to Christmas trying to throw him off my scent. Every time he mentioned the boots, I would say things like, "I bet they'll go on sale during Neiman's after Christmas event" and "Those boots are awesome, but don't you really need a new slim cut suit?" When we quizzed one another in attempts to decipher what we got each other for Christmas, I told him he never mentioned wanting the gift I got him, and I came up with the idea out of no where. A great liar makes a great gift giver.

My deception resulted in a solid surprise on Christmas morning, and Joe was all kinds of giddy to receive his much desired boots. To Joe's delight, Philadelphia has seen quite a bit of snow in December and January, and he has worn these new boots on 14 of the 16 days since Jesus's birthday. We even battled a snow storm the day after Christmas and hiked it out to Neiman's to exchange the boots for Joe's proper size because he could imagine nothing worse than shoveling the 15 feet of sidewalk in front of our house with his too big luxury snow boots laughing at him from the living room. Team HCG recently bought a new car, and seeing Joe head out to drive the car in his fancy snow boots is akin to seeing a child run downstairs on Christmas morning day after day. Who knew men could find intense joy in such things?

But back to the product - these boots are no joke. Obviously, they're waterproof, and the felted wool lining keeps feet toasty in climates as cold as 40 degrees below zero. Our local temperature of high 20s to low 30s has been no match for my man. Look how rugged the boots look below with snow kicked all over them! IMG_7735Yes, I kicked snow at Joe while taking this photo to make it look more authentic. He didn't even mind because these fancy boots are meant for the snow. Also, I'm pretty sure he was incredibly excited to act as an HCG model after so many stints behind the camera.

Sorel Caribou W.L. Boot, $150 at Neiman Marcus