A Virtual Light Box

jcrew springLike our friend MJG, we think we may suffer from a mild case of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). A person can go only so long without warm sunshine before she starts to feel the blues, and HCG is struggling amidst the long, dark cold winter days. Unlike MJG, we don't have a special light box to sit in front of when we eat our cereal in the morning (true story), so we have to find happiness elsewhere. Fortunately, J. Crew's spring 2011 lookbook is a welcome burst of color to remind us that things will eventually brighten up. While we're not as excited about these looks as we were about J. Crew's fall 2010 lookbook (which still gives us heart palpitations we love it so much), we are feeling the messy hair, side ponies and blood orange lipstick in these looks. The yellow ruffle shorts (below left) are so cute we may actually buy them if the cut is flattering. We can just picture ourselves sassing around town in sky high wedges, sunglasses and smile while wearing these shorts. The paisley turquoise romper, not so much. Even the model looks scared of that getup. springA word of caution to MJG: be careful viewing this post while sitting in front of your light box. You might get burned.

Click here to view the entire J. Crew Spring 2011 lookbook.