Winter Glamour via Gwyneth

no. 6When I first started recommending products on HCG, I was relatively surprised that many people actually bought the things I suggested (even if most of those people are my legitimate friends). Even though I recommend products and brands only when I feel passionately about them, I was nevertheless pleasantly taken aback that others would actually buy stuff via HCG. That was, until I realized I do the same thing all the time, too.

When Gwyneth wrote about these No. 6 shearling lined clog boots in a recent Goop newsletter about cozy shoes, it took me barely three days of internal debate before I high tailed it into the store and picked up a pair. The scenario was a perfect storm of justification for any hard core shopper: I was on the lookout for lace up boots, I needed a new go-to pair of warm winter boots, and I was in New York working nonstop with little time to sleep much less shop (or go to Soul Cycle - devastating). Clearly, I deserved these boots. The price tag and the timing - less than two weeks before Christmas - were minor matters easily overlooked in the name of style and warmth (and overall personal happiness). On an early Sunday afternoon in December, I snuck into the No. 6 store in Little Italy and walked out 15 minutes later with a No. 6 shopping bag swinging from my arm.

Our girl GP hit this one out of the park - these boots are life changing. The leather is some of the most supple I've ever felt, the shearling lining is softer than a baby poodle's fur, and the clog heel is high enough to provide some lift but low enough for all day wear. The boots are hand made and water repellent so they're completely safe to wear in snow and rain, and, to top it off, these kicks are gor-geous in person. They look great with tights and even better with skinny/slouchy jeans tucked in or cuffed over the top. I've gotten so many compliments on them, it's starting to get annoying (not really, keep them coming). Per the suggestion of the sales associate at No. 6, I wear the boots with the super long laces wrapped around the ankle a few times (as shown on the No. 6 website), and the result is an effortless yet polished and completely functional look. I've worn these No .6 boots shopping, to the movies, out for drinks and even to work on jeans Friday. Versatile? Definitely.

GP, you've made my winter so much happier. Screw the Goop haters. Despite our envy for your seemingly perfect life, HCG has nothing but love for you.

8" Lace Up Shearling Leather Boot, $420 at No. 6