Coffee, Anyone?

IMG_7791Until Team HCG moved into our first home last summer, we never hosted traditional dinners (you know, the kind with an actual table and more than four total guests). We always yearned to throw more dinner parties while living in apartments, so during our house hunt we immediately ruled out any place that didn't have enough space for a large dining table. Our first home has sufficient room to host dinner guests, and while we haven't yet found the perfect dining table, we're making due with a temporary table and are experimenting our hosting skills on the people whose judgment we're well equipped to handle: our families.

We've quickly learned that hosting dinners helps you realize which essential entertaining pieces your home lacks. Neither Joe nor I are coffee drinkers, so we had no idea we needed cream and sugar containers. We were wildly impressed with ourselves for (1) owning a coffee maker (we begrudgingly registered for one) and (2) remembering to buy coffee to serve to guests after dinner. But when we hosted Joe's family for our first official dinner in our home, we realized we were missing the stupid coffee accessories owned by everyone else in the free world.

You know what's embarrassing? Whipping out a half gallon of milk and an entire bag of sugar when serving coffee to dinner guests.  I know because that's what you have to do when you realize you don't have proper containers for these things. Joe even poured the milk in a measuring cup for easier pouring. Very clever, but not the vibe we were trying to give at our home. I mean, come on, we're the kind of people who serve chilled Andes mints after dinner. Obviously, a trip to Crate and Barrel for all kinds of stuff we didn't know we needed was in order. As soon as I spotted these incredibly cute cream and sugar cartons at C&B, I knew our days of living as inexperienced hosts were numbered.creamsugarPerfect, right? We've heard people who drink coffee like Splenda, so we picked up a sugar packet holder, added one of our porcelain Crate and Barrel condiment spoons (which we love and use all the time with these adorable and useful condiment dishes) and placed it all atop a rectangle platter. SugarPacketHolder

Coffeee drinkers no longer need to fear dining at the House of HCG. Well, at least not because we lack the appropriate accessories.

Embossed Cream and Sugar, $16.95 at Crate and Barrel Sugar Packet Holder, $2.95 at Crate and Barrel Staccato Rectangle Platter, $39.95 at Crate and Barrel