Best Dressed: Oscars

oscarsTeam HCG watched the 2011 Oscars in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe and had to suffer without the ability to pause, rewind or rewatch our favorite portions of the show or the red carpet festivities. Even worse,we forgot our glasses and had to sit about 2.5 feet from the screen in order to properly see the dresses. As much as we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to new environments (a complete lie), watching the biggest awards show of the year in a less than stellar set up was tough. But, just as we do whenever we order a Diet Coke and are served a Diet RC Cola, we managed to persevere and overcome this setback.

Without further adieu, here are our favorite dresses of the evening:

  1. Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa (top far left): With the exception of the increasingly fashionable Dakota Fanning, we don't pay much attention to very young actresses on the red carpet. Our eyes gloss over them in the same way our ears go deaf when people mention words like "business journal" and "market forecasts." But 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld impressed us in this delightful Marchesa tea length dress for looking as close to 14 as possible. We could've done without either the headband or the metallic platform, but the dress was solid.
  2. Mila Kunis in Elie Saab (top third from left): The lilac color isn't our favorite, but the softness and delicacy of this dress won us over with its perfect balance of draping silk chiffon and lace. Well done, Mila.
  3. Natalie Portman in Rodarte (top second from right): Finally, NP gets it right in her biggest moment to date and refreshingly wore something that didn't look forced and uncomfortable. NP did two things right this time around that she neglected to do at the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards: (1) she wore her hair down, and (2) she didn't wear a strapless dress. We loved this look.
  4. Amy Adams in L'Wren Scott (top far right): My hotel TV color was so horrific, I actually thought Amy Adams's dress was black until I saw it online. Even then, I really liked it, but the necklace is unnecessary and distracting.
  5. Michelle Williams in Chanel (below): I look forward to seeing this dress in print, because although it looked beautiful on TV, it doesn't seem to translate as well online. We were so happy and relieved to see MW redeem herself after the Golden Globes.

mw Of course, we loved our girl Gwyneth Paltrow in this shimmering gold Calvin Klein number. Simple and statuesque, classic GP. gp Again, Mandy Moore came out of no where in this dazzling Monique Lhuillier dress. We would've preferred softer hair, but the hair doesn't ruin the overall look. Is it just us, or is MM looking quite skinny lately?mmLest we not forget about Anne Hathaway's eight looks worn during the night. Ms. Hathaway started in Valentino and wore everything from Armani to Versace to Lanvin (the tux) to Vivienne Westwood. For some reason and in a way that disturbs us, we feel mostly indifferent toward them all. Maybe it is dress sensory overload, but we can't break free of it. You? ah2anne hathawayEditor's Note: Please ignore Cate Blanchett and Scarlett Johansen in the first image above. We have strong feelings about neither dress. You know the drill.