Catalyst for Skinny

juiceToday begins HCG's first official juice cleanse! That is, if you don't count the two times I've tried The Master Cleanse (also known as the lemonade diet) and failed miserably - but I did lose seven pounds in one day. Then I ate pizza. I've long mulled over doing the Blueprint Cleanse, but the cost ($85/day) was a little more than I wanted to spend for only the possibility of getting a little bit skinnier. Fortunately, Ski - via HCG reader and friend Olivia - discovered Catalyst Cleanse, a local juice operation in Philly. The best part about Catalyst? It's only $60/day. We know, this is a complete steal.

We're doing a three-day cleanse which requires we drink the six juices pictured above each day. No food, caffeine, alcohol or drugs are permitted during the cleanse, and Ski is struggling with the caffeine part. So far I'm having a hard time with the no food part. Even though I don't generally drink caffeine, but I feel dizzy and am having difficulty focusing. We're both battling the taste of the first green juice. The taste was far from pleasant, and it took each of us an hour to drink while holding our noses and taking huge gulps of water in between. Next up: spicy lemonade. I'm shuddering just looking at the bottle and getting flashbacks of my 48-hour Master Cleanse nightmare.

Will we get (and stay) crazy skinny? Hopefully, but likely not. Will this juice cleanse propel us into a spring of healthier eating and better choices? That's the intent. If any HCG readers have successfully completed juice cleanses before, we could use some encouragement!