Sneak Attack

reeseWe really like this May Vogue cover of Reese Witherspoon mostly because of Reese's sneaky expression and side glance. America's favorite actress is often photographed with a big, perky smile, and we find this change of pace refreshing and welcome. That said, if we were watching TV with this magazine sitting on our coffee table, we would probably turn it face down to avoid getting freaked out. For the four people who didn't already know, Reese is starring alongside Robert Pattinson in the soon-to-be-released film adaption of "Water for Elephants" (an HCG favorite), so a circus-themed photo shoot was clearly necessary. The photos are rather striking: reese1 reese4 reese3

reese2This last photo is our personal favorite. Who wouldn't love a photo of herself perched atop an elephant wearing sparkly Dolce & Gabbana shorts and a matching top?

P.S. We just realized the elephant is in every photo except the cover. Girlfriend must be pissed at that slight.

Images via Vogue