H&M Conscious Collection

hmRemember how much we loved H&M's Garden Collection last year? I hunted down the rainbow print kimono (one of the many pieces I bought) at every H&M within an hour of Philadelphia until I located my size. Thank God I found my size or I wouldn't have been able to wear it during an almost bar fight in Kauai, Hawaii in August (side note: I'm also wearing Liberty for Target in that post. HCG does not lie about our love for designer collabs and capsule collections). I even sported the Garden Collection floral shirt on HCG back in July to showcase my new beloved wedges. HCG's favorite fast fashion chain has just unleashed another collection that, while not as colorful as the Garden Collection, is packed with immense potential. H&M's new eco-friendly Conscious Collection is scheduled to launch on April 14, but H&M is pulling a Target on us and put the goods out early. We spotted a few of the pieces in our local H&M yesterday, so make sure to stop by your store if you are interested in certain pieces.

According to Racked, the stuff is beautiful in person and incredibly soft. The few pieces we spotted yesterday were definitely worth checking out, but the selection was too limited to get a true feel for the entire collection. We only wish we had a summer social calendar crowded with Diddy-style white parties to attend so we could buy up the whole lot.hm2View the entire H&M Conscious Collection at Racked, and start applying your self tanner!