Matthew Williamson x Macy's

matthewwilliamsonBritish designer Matthew Williamson is cracking into the mass market collaboration scene with a capsule collection recently launched under Macy's Impulse line, which is apparently Macy's cool, young brand. A few of the pieces are pictured below, including the yellow dress worn by model Dree Hemmingway in the ad above:mw We are very undecided about this collection. HCG always welcomes good collaborations by high end designers, and we've long lusted after Matthew Williamson's gorgeous dresses and signature prints. But the prices of these pieces (from $59.99 for a blouse to $119 for certain dresses to $299 for a leather jacket), while still affordable, are significantly higher than the prices we've grown accustomed to from other mass market collaborations. And from what we've heard, the quality isn't something to go crazy over. Sure, the yellow one shoulder dress looks stunning on Dree Hemmingway in this ad, but without a super skinny gorgeous model, fancy lighting and faded Photoshop coloring, the dress alone looks relatively barf inducing. Our online browsing of the other pieces didn't get us very riled up, either.

We generally shop at Macy's only for home purchases (our mom always alerts us to big sales in the bath and bedding departments), and we can't recall the last time we bought clothes there. Will this collaboration convince us to make an unusual trip to the Macy's women's apparel department? Is the designer collaboration scene becoming overcrowded? Will Blair and Chuck get engaged? Do you kind of wish Blair and Dan would get together?  Will Dan hook up with Serena's long lost cousin Charlie?

xoxo, HCG

P.S. We didn't intentionally change the topic to Gossip Girl. That's just how our brain works.