Royal Wedding Mania

royalsThe royal wedding is only THREE DAYS away! Like so many women across the world, HCG has royal wedding fever. We know lots of readers are as excited for the big day as we are, and we couldn't resist posing a few of our burning questions for the HCG community. Do share!

  1. Will you wake up early on Friday to watch live coverage of the royal wedding or will you record it and watch later? (If your answer is no to both questions, you shouldn't be reading this website - unless you are my dad or brother.) HCG plans to start our viewing live with the Today Show at 4 a.m. but, after careful consideration, we have decided not to skip our 6 a.m. workout. We will watch as much live coverage as possible (before our workout and while getting ready for work) and we will record the entire morning's events. We'll then watch the whole thing over the weekend when we will be able to pause, rewind and relax.
  2. Will you take off work for the wedding or go into work late? If so, we are very jealous of you. We hope the live feed online doesn't have too many interruptions and we don't receive lots of pesky calls from co-workers or clients during the festivities.
  3. Are you throwing or attending a party to watch the royal wedding? If we were in college, law school or at any other position in our life other than full time adult, we'd be ALL over a royal wedding party. Like all great HCG viewing parties, talking would be prohibited and sweatpants would be encouraged.
  4. Do you think Kate Middleton will wear her hair up or down? We think the girl has great hair, so we vote down. Plus, HCG's wedding hairstyle was down, and we like to think we will at least have that in common with KM.
  5. Do you predict Kate will wear a tiara? Even though tiaras are traditions for royal brides, we aren't convinced that Kate is a tiara kind of girl. If she does wear one, we predict it will be something subtle.
  6. Who do you think will be the best dressed guest? Unsurprisingly, we vote for our girl Victoria Beckham. We wonder if her dress will show her pregnancy, but we doubt it.
  7. How many times have you wished you were Kate Middleton? Not for the whole marrying Prince William bit but for the hoopla surrounding your wedding and the incredible hair and makeup people who will beautify you that day. And the dress, jewels, incredible photos, international attention, etc. HCG lost count of how many times we wished we were KM a long time ago.

We would ask you about your thoughts on Kate's wedding dress, but that subject is too big for this post. We've become overwhelmed with all the other wedding talk to fully contemplate the dress, but we know we are practically holding our breath until Friday morning when we will finally see it.

We just wished we were Kate Middleton again.