pc vogueDisclaimer: HCG has a borderline inappropriate girl crush on Penélope Cruz. When we heard she was covering the June issue of Vogue, we crossed our fingers and hoped she would look as naturally stunning as generally does - and it worked! We appreciate that with these photos Vogue is admitting, "Hey, we know Penélope Cruz is incredibly beautiful. We're not going to try to pretend this spread is about the clothes." Her messy side braid, white lacy Dolce & Gabbana frocks and fresh, light makeup are all divine. Love, love, love. Even though she's 37, Cruz looks about 16 in this cover photo. 1-penelope_1627204414442-penelope_1627208238193-penelope_1627216831004-penelope_162722239482Crazy awesome, right? Check out the cover story (which reveals in part Cruz's obsession with karaoke bars) here.

Images via Vogue